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An oh-so-key part of our Recognition & Rewards solution, WorkTango's Nominations & Awards feature lets you create, schedule, and manage custom nominations and awards that reflect your core values, business goals, and company culture. Creating awards takes just a few minutes and you can view submissions and review nominations by nominee all in one convenient central repository.

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Navigating to the WorkTango Nominations & Awards Feature

To get started, navigate to the Admin dashboard by clicking the icon in the upper right corner of the WorkTango homepage. 

Once on the Admin dashboard, navigate to 'Awards & nominations' under the Communication tab. To set up an award and start collecting nominations, click 'Create award'.


Creating a new award for nominations

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Build Form

Add the title and optional description.

Choose which questions the nominators will answer. While you must include who they are nominating and why, you can choose to include questions about core values or skills.

Select Participants

Decide who is eligible to receive nominations and who can submit nominations. You can use filters to help find participants.


Select the date range and email notification preferences.


Collecting & reviewing nominationsAkim nomination.png

Employees can access the nomination forms by clicking on the icon on their home page. When filling out the form, they must answer all questions.

Employees’ answers can be viewed in the 'Awards & nominations' tab of the admin dashboard.

At any point during the nomination process, you can click into the award to see the nominees, then click each nominee to see the aggregated nomination information.

Selecting a winner

Once your nomination window has closed, it's time to select the winner or winners of the award.

Click into the award to view the final candidates. Again, you can see how many nominations each candidate received from this page or click on "View nominations" to review the aggregated nomination information.

When you are ready to select a winner or winners, click on the "Select winners" button at the bottom of the page.

Select winners.png

Next, check the box for your chosen winner or winners.

Once you have finalized your choice, click "Save".

*Selecting a winner does not automatically trigger any action in the platform. As a best practice, we recommend using the Special Recognition and Pinned Recognition features to declare your winners.

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