Checking & Replenishing your Reward fulfillment balance

Checking your Reward fulfillment balance

It's important to keep an eye on your Reward fulfillment balance to ensure your employees have a seamless experience redeeming their points for rewards from the Rewards Marketplace. Once your Reward Fulfillment Balance is depleted, employee orders will be put on a temporary hold and will not automatically process until the Balance has been replenished.

To do so, go to the Admin dashboard and look at the Reward fulfillment balance widget in the upper right corner as seen below.

rewards balance.png

When your current balance reaches below 50% of your originally funded amount, you will receive a low balance warning.

Replenishing your balance

In order to replenish your Reward fulfillment balance, you will need to contact the WorkTango Billing team to get a new invoice. To do so, click on the "Draft request" button to open a new email in your native mailing app or click the "Copy email" option to copy the email address. You can also copy the email from this article to send your request (

WorkTango accepts payment via ACH, wire, or check. If you decide to do an ACH or wire, be sure the name of your company is easily identified from the name on the payment (this should be easy as long as you’re using a company bank account).

For information on where to send the payment, the WorkTango bank information is on the invoice you will receive.

Best Practices

  • Ensure your fulfillment balance is maintained regularly. However, it is especially important during the holiday season from November through January as reward redemptions traditionally increase during this time.
  • To inform your budget and amount to replenish your fulfillment balance, you can use the Budget dashboard and the Rewards dashboard in the Admin dashboard to view your company redemption trends.
    • Use the date filters on the Rewards dashboard to look at specific comparable timeframes.

rewards dashboard.png       Budget dashboard.png

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