Customizing Legacy Incentives Categories & Privacy Restrictions

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If you’re using legacy Incentives, you’ll want to create categories so that employees can locate them quickly by filtering on the type.

Incentives Categories

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  1. Navigate to Admin >> System Settings >> Incentives Settings
  2. Click Add to create a category.
  3. Give it a logical (and short) name – this is the category that employees can use to filter the catalog. These same categories can be used in reporting to see which types of incentives were redeemed most.
  4. You can Edit or Delete any existing category if necessary.
  5. Once Incentives categories are set up, your employees can filter by them to find exactly what they are looking for.

Some Incentives may fit into multiple categories. Participating in a 5K fundraiser walk could be both wellness and community, for instance.

Some of the most common categories are Wellness, Community, or Education.

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Incentives Privacy Restrictions

When you have an Incentive with the privacy setting of Restricted, only those designated in the field on the Incentive setup page can view that redemption.

Admins don’t inherently have access to see and approve Incentives with restricted privacy settings.

They will not show up as pending redemptions in the drop-down menu unless you have been added to this list.


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