Creating Legacy Incentives

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Create New Incentive

  1. Admin dashboard > Catalogs > Incentives Catalog
  2. Click Create New to get started.
  3. Fill out the information on the Reward Details tab. This includes frequency limitations on how often an employee can earn the points for the activity.
  4. Make the Points Earned equivalent to the magnitude of the action.
  5. Include details that employees need to know in the Description field. Because they won’t see the rule about how often it can be claimed, we encourage you to explain that in the details (e.g., Can claim 3x/week.). Also describe the proof they need to submit in the Description box, if applicable.

Categories & Groups

  • Decide which categories are available for your Incentives. You have to set up the categories before you can assign items to them. 

For more information on legacy Incentives categories, see here

  • Use groups to make the Incentive visible to only a subset of your employees, when needed.

Advanced Features

  • In Advanced features, you can specify if employees must submit proof. Write a note here (viewable only to admins) about what proof is required.
  • Pay attention to the privacy settings. Make sure that any incentives that may be sensitive in nature are set to Private, if needed.
  • We don’t recommend auto approve for those things which you require proof.
  • When an incentive is set to restricted within the privacy settings, you will need to designate a user to see and approve the claim.

For more information on designating restricted Incentives admins, see here

How to Set Up an Incentive with a Wellness Goal

Within the Wellness goal (mobile only) toggle., you can choose make your Incentive have a wellness goal that will allow employees to automatically claim if they have the WorkTango mobile app and hit the set goal. If this option is not visible, reach out to our Customer Support team

Simply choose a type of wellness metric from the dropdown and choose the amount. 

Wellness goal.png

For more information on the employee experience for claiming wellness Incentives, see this article. 

Types of Proof

You can require employees to submit some form of evidence that they have indeed completed the activity. For example, you may want them to submit the certificate for a completed course, or a receipt for a gym membership. They can attach .pdfs, .jpgs or .png files. You can review the attachments when you approve/deny the claim in the Incentives moderation page (click on the document icon to view proof).

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