How to add GIFs, Images, and Videos to a Recognition

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The WorkTango platform allows you to add media such as GIFs, images, and videos to a Recognition post.



There are two ways to add GIFs to a Recognition in the WorkTango platform.

  • GIPHY Library*
  • Direct URL

GIPHY Library*

The GIPHY library integrated into the WorkTango platform makes it quick and easy to add GIFs to a Recognition.

To do so, click on the GIF button within the Recognition message box.**


Next, select a GIF from the dropdown options or use the search box to find a different GIF.

The selected GIF will then display as a preview in your Recognition draft.

Only one GIF can be selected per Recognition.

If you change your mind about a GIF you selected and would like to remove the GIF and/or select a different one, hover over the GIF and click the "x" in the top right corner. Then you can select a new GIF via the same process above.

Remove GIF.png

*The GIPHY Library is only available via the WorkTango web app and is not currently available via the WorkTango mobile app or Slack integration.

**If you do not see the GIF button in the Recognition message box, your company may not have enabled this feature. Please reach out to your internal platform admin if you have any questions regarding this. Not all companies choose to turn on the GIPHY library.

Direct URL

Another way to include GIFs in your Recognition is by using a direct URL.

There are a handful of different URL formats for GIFs, and WorkTango currently only supports one of them. A best practice is to use a site like GIPHY or Tenor and follow these steps.

  1. Go to or and search for the desired GIF.
  2. Open the GIF to find the share option and copy the link.

    This link should end in .gif and is not the same as the url you see in the web address bar. Other links will not expand and will only show as a url.

  3. Paste that link to the Recognition message and click "Send recognition".


For images, you must use links for jpegs and pngs. To do so, search for the image, right click and select copy image address.

This link is different from copying the link address.

Your links should end in .jpg, .jpeg, or .png.

Input this link into your Recognition message and click Send Recognition.

You should then be able to view your image with your Recognition in the activity feed.

At this time, there is no way to directly upload an image into your Recognition. In order to share a personal or custom image, it must first be uploaded to an imaging hosting service so that you can get a direct URL to add to the post. 


You have the option to share videos from either YouTube or Vimeo. To do so, find the video you would like to share on either site, click the share button and copy the link.

Input this link into your Recognition message and click Send Recognition.

You should then be able to view your video with your Recognition in the activity feed. Videos will not automatically start, and do require users to click play.

Media will not expand in comments, and any links shared in a comment on a Recognition will show as the url.

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