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Here is a checklist to go through before you do an employee file update/override:

  • Your employee file captures all necessary attributes to support survey fielding (“Enabled” column, unique employee IDs, and accurate/active emails where available or other attributes you’ve set up as required through your settings).
  • Your employee file captures any valuable attributes to support survey analysis (This could include department, division, tenure range, or more).
  • Employees with a preferred participation language have the language designated in the employee file using the appropriate language code.
  • You have cross checked the employee file upload against your own file for safe measure.
  • Emails under the email attribute are accurate and active. Numerous email bounces can result in the halting of your survey invitations launch.
  • There are no extra spaces before, after or between values within cells.
  • Any additional sheets have been deleted.
  • Hierarchy structure is intact. If managers leave, are currently inactive or move within the organization, ensure employees reporting to this manager have their assigned manager employee ID attribute updated. Ideally all employees outside of the CEO/Head Executive should have this attribute filled out and corresponding to an active manager’s employee ID.
  • Unnecessary attributes have been removed from the employee file and deleted via settings to keep filters concise and relevant. Keep anonymity and value of filter for analysis in mind, more specific attributes such as Job title may not be helpful for data analysis and may be too granular.
  • Dates in the employee file have been formatted as date values in XLS/CSV file.
  • Tenure Range and Generation/Age Range have been mapped from Start Date and Date of Birth attributes respectively, using mapping formulas provided in template employee file. After mapping out the attributes, ensure tenure and generation/age values are formatted as numbers only format. Delete Start Date and Date of Birth attributes to avoid uploading personal information (optional).
  • All empty cells have been cleared.
  • Your employee file has successfully been uploaded or overridden into the WorkTango platform.

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