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WorkTango uses macros in reporting dashboard exports. Macros are sets of actions built into an Excel workbook that support frequent data manipulation. Macros are used to produce the reporting structure and charts for your survey results.

When exporting data from the WorkTango platform, you must enable macros. An automatic message should pop up upon opening a file. If you receive this message, click "Enable Macros." See below for an example.

However, based on your system configurations, you may not see this automatic message. Follow the below steps to Enable Macros within Excel.

Steps to Enable Macros from Excel

To enable macros for one-time only, you should see a yellow "SECURITY WARNING" message. You can easily click "Enable Content" to enable the macros.

If macros are still not enabled after following these instructions, we recommend connecting with your IT team for specific guidance.

Microsoft Security Update - Enabling Macros

Due to a recent change by Microsoft to increase security protocols, macros embedded into Excel and PPT files now require additional approval for access. This change only impacts devices running on Windows. Additional information can be found here.

If you experience any issues viewing data, please take the following steps:

For an individual file, the simplest way to unblock macros is to remove Mark of the Web.

1. To remove, right-click on the file, choose Properties, and then select the Unblock checkbox on the General tab.


2. Users may designate “Trusted Locations” to save files. MOTW will respect this directory and run macros without displaying the security banner.

3. If your organization is using Office 365 Enterprise, your IT staff may enable policies to manage running macros.


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