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Action Planning provides users and leaders with recommended actions based on their survey results. These actions can be customized, assigned, and managed through the Action Planning Dashboard.

Getting Started with Action Planning

Select the "Action Planning" tab on the left navigation panel to navigate to the Action Planning page. This will bring you to the Action Planning Dashboard.

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Leveraging your Action Planning Dashboard

As you utilize action planning, you'll start to see your actions displayed under the Actions dashboard. If you have the ability to view Action Planning within your hierarchy, you'll be able to view the assigned actions, statuses and due dates of those in your hierarchy. A user without action planning permission will only be able to create and manage their own actions. You can easily export actions into an excel file by clicking the "Export" button.

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Actions can only be assigned to other users within the WorkTango platform who fall within your hierarchy. Recipients of an assigned action will receive an email notification.

Leveraging the Action Planning Library

To use the Action Planning Library, click on the "Library" tab. This will bring you to a list of curated actions built by WorkTango.

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You can filter on factor of your choice (for example, Direct Manager) to find specific actions related to that factor. To learn more about action planning permissions, read this article.

Editing and Assigning Actions from the Library

On the Library page, click on the "Add to Actions" button that sits at the bottom of any individual action you're interested in assigning. By doing so, you will be able to edit and review the specific action before adding to your or another user's dashboard.

Action planning library - add item.png

Creating an Action from Scratch

1. Create a Library Action

Based on the results of your survey, you may find it valuable to add your own actions to the Library. Please reach out to our support team to configure these actions and share the below fields.

  • Title (required)
  • Description (optional)
  • Survey Type (optional)
  • Factors (optional)

Library action.png

2. Create a New Action

On the Actions page, you can create and assign a one-time action using the the "+ New Action" button. You will want to add details around the action's title, description, factor, survey type, survey, as well as who its being assigned to and its due date.

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