Suggested Action Planning in Survey Reporting

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In the WorkTango platform, the reporting features now include "Suggestions" which provides recommended action plans based on survey results. This feature allows for direct correlation and understanding of insight scores and how to foster improvement.

To view your curated Suggestions, click into your survey. You can find actions in two places: the Overview and Analyze tabs. Note, at this time actions exist for engagement survey types only.


To find your Suggestions, scroll to the bottom of your Overview page. Here, you will find a collection of recommended actions and learnings based on your survey results. Simply click "Add Action" to review, edit, and assign an action to yourself or to an employee in your hierarchy with platform access. These edits will be saved in the Actions dashboard.



Upon clicking the Analyze tab, you will find your Suggestions at the top of this page. To view all suggested actions, click on the dropdown. Click the "Add Action" button for any of the suggested actions to review, edit, and assign it in real time. These edits will be saved in the Actions dashboard.

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