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What is an eNPS score?

An employee net promotor score measures employee loyalty. eNPS questions are typically 11-point rating questions with ratings of 0-6 being detractors, 7-8 being passives, and 9-10 as positive. To learn more about the importance of eNPS scores in employee engagement, please click here.

To enable the eNPS analytics, you must select 'eNPS' from the question types in the Build section of your survey.

eNPS question type.png

When you view your survey results, click on the Analyze tab and select the eNPS view at the top left.

eNPS Factor.png

You'll then see the distribution among the detractors, passives, and promotors with the eNPS score under its respective column.

What is a good eNPS score?eNPS spread.png

To give you perspective, the eNPS scale is between -100 and 100.

Anything less than -10 is below average

-10 to +4 is average

Anything greater than +5 is better than average

How is eNPS calculated? 

eNPS = (% of promoters) - (% of detractors)

For example, if you view the results in this picture, the calculations would be:

eNPS = (9.0+9.6) - (8.3+10.9+8.5+9.5+7.9+8.4+9.7) = -44.6 or -45

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