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WorkTango uses Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their Natural Language Processing technology to derive employee sentiment from the text of open ended questions and comments. Sentiment refers to the attitude derived from text and is categorized into positive, negative, and neutral categories within WorkTango's platform.

Sentiment analysis helps you better understand your comments, especially if you get a large amount of them.

To access sentiment results, navigate to the Results tab and scroll down until you find a survey question with open-ended responses and click on the 'More Details.' For more information on viewing and replying to open-ended responses, see this article

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Sentiment Cloud Tab

The sentiment cloud represents key words used in your comments as well as the general sentiment for each word. This helps you gain deeper insight into the key themes and sentiment from employee feedback.

Sentiment Cloud.pngEntities tab

AWS uses Named Entity Recognition (NER) to identify and classify named entities in text into predefined categories such as the name of a person, location, time, quantity, etc. The Entities tab pulls prominent entitles out of employee comments while showing you their relevance and sentiment compared to other entities. This allows you to organize sentiments based on relevance to your employees.

Entities tab.png


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