Viewing "In Progress" survey results

Your company's survey has launched, and you're excited to start viewing results. What can you expect to see? This article provides an overview of what platform user might experience when viewing data while a survey is live.

Survey Status: In Progress

Upon logging into the WorkTango platform, you will be able to see any survey types available to you. Surveys "In Progress" are those that are currently live. Simply click on the survey name to enter the reporting dashboard in real time.

In progress survey.png

In the Reporting Dashboard

Because the survey is still in progress, the data in the reporting dashboard is real-time. The number of responses and scores will evolve throughout the survey's duration.

The data within the dashboard is also accessible based on your platform permissions. A manager, for example, may have access to results within their hierarchy. This means they can only see data from their direct reports and any employees underneath them.

Additionally, your organization will have a set "anonymity threshold" to protect employee responses at an individual and small quantity level. A typical threshold is 5.

So, if your organization's threshold is 5, and you only have 4 responses, you will not be able to see any data in the reporting dashboard. Once your number of responses hits or surpasses the threshold, data will be visible to you.

Click here to learn more about anonymity thresholds and our employee promise.

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