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Our Employee Promise – Your anonymity is our business.

WorkTango’s employee voice platform is built on the foundation that all responses are submitted anonymously.

How does my employer gain insights if my responses are anonymous?

WorkTango collects data from companies about their employee population by assigning them attributes. Attributes allow a company to view their data in ways that will provide them the most valuable insights, specific to the organization. Once this data is handed to WorkTango, companies will only be able to see their survey data from the attribute level and only if it meets our anonymity threshold.

What is the anonymity threshold?

The anonymity threshold is the minimum number of responses from an attribute to unmask data. If the number of responses does not meet the anonymity threshold, the data is not shared.

Example: If there were only 4 responses from the Finance team, the data from these four surveys will be masked and unavailable to view.

We also anonymize the responses from the next smallest attribute to eliminate the possibility of backwards calculating.

In the example above, in addition to the Finance team (4 responses), the Sales team (12 responses) would not have their data shown either, even though the number of responses is above the anonymity threshold.

How is my survey anonymous if I receive an email with a unique survey link?

Once employee data is passed over to WorkTango, it stays with us. You can think of the sharing of employee information details as a one-way street. Customers provide employee details to WorkTango, and we release the data back by way of attributes only.

Will my company know if I completed the survey or not?

Your company will not have the ability to individualize responses. If you are in the Marketing department and there are 20 people on your team but only 7 completed the survey, thecompany will not be able to see which 7 of 20 completed it.

Can a company ask for the survey results of a specific group or person?

WorkTango will not provide any details of a survey taker or group outside of what the platform provides (attributes only). Companies have no ability to download raw data to individualize responses. Our passion is to make work lives better by enabling employees to share their opinions candidly.

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