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Overview of the Survey Home Screen

Click on ‘Surveys’ in the left navigation to create, duplicate, and view results of all surveys. It’s your one-stop shop for anything to do with administering and seeing survey insights.

On the 'Surveys' page, there are 2 view types - 'List View' and 'Card View,' Toggle between the two for the view that best suits you.

Toggle list vs card surveys.png
Toggle between 'List' and 'Card' view

Understanding the Survey Icons

For each survey, there are four icons with different functions:

  • Preview - if you already have questions added, you can preview what will mimic an employee experience
  • Edit - allows you to edit any of the three steps in the survey. This is only available for 'Created' or 'Scheduled' surveys.
  • Duplicate - you can simply create a duplicate survey that you can edit
  • Delete - remove any survey from your dashboard

If you want to see reporting, simply click on the title of any survey. Please note survey results will only show up if you have a survey 'In Progress' or 'Completed.'

Survey Home Screen.png
Survey Home Screen


Understanding the Survey Status

Each survey has four possible states:

  • Created - a survey that is created, but not scheduled. It can then be edited at anytime.
  • Scheduled - a survey that is scheduled for a future date. It can be edited in all ways (except for languages).
  • In Progress - A survey that is currently in progress. A number of actions can be taken: reporting can be viewed; send a reminder; cancel the survey; or change the expiry date.
  • Completed - These are completed and reporting can be accessed. Other actions in the icons described above are also available.

Additional Survey List/Card Items

  • Survey Type: Each survey will have a survey type attributed to it. You can filter and view your surveys based on survey types using the "All Survey Types" drop down menu
  • Response Rate: The response rate will be visible for each survey so you can quickly see response rates without having to click into the survey


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