Updating comment sentiment

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WorkTango's comment sentiment analysis is provided by AWS Natural Language Processing. As an emerging technology, the alignment of positive, negative, or neutral may not always be accurate.

Updating comment sentiment allows a user to adjust the comment sentiment if the feature is toggled on in their user permissions or associated role. As a result, the sentiment association will change.

This functionality should only be provided to select administrators within an organization.

How to update comment sentiment

To begin, enter the reporting dashboard of a desired survey. Click "Results" and locate any comments questions available. Note that in a non-anonymous survey, the anonymity threshold must be met in order for comments to be visible. The image below indicates that there are 474 visible comments.

Sentiment scale.png


Click onto the question's comments. You'll now see an editable list of positive, neutral, or negative sentiment options to choose from. Simply click the down arrow to adjust the sentiment.

Change sentiment.png



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