Managing Employee Files

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Download Employee File Template

The Employees section on the navigation menu is where users can manage the employees that receive surveys.

Accessing and Editing Employees

Individual Employees

You can manage individual employees in several ways:

  • Add an employee – by clicking on ‘Add New Employee’ on the top right of the page, you can add an individual employee and their information.
  • Edit employee information – by clicking on any employee in the list, you can edit any of their information
  • Deactivate an employee – you can deactivate an employee by clicking on their name in the list and toggling off 'Active'
  • Update their Employee Id - you can click on the pencil icon next to an employee's Id and change it. This will link all the previous surveys this employee has taken with their new Id.

The platform is case and text sensitive. If adding in an employee manually, the fields must match with other like fields in order for grouping to occur. For example, if an employee is added to the "marketing" department but all other employees are in "Marketing" the platform will not group them together. Another example is saying Female for some employees, but F for others.

On the Employees page, you can individually add new employees, edit their information or deactivate them.


Bulk Add/Update Employees

For mass changes to the employee records in WorkTango, use the process below:

  1. Ensure all custom Employee Attributes have been added in the Settings section - they will appear as columns in the Employees page and in the Excel employee file
  2. From the navigation menu, click into the Employees section and then on the Upload button
  3. Optional: If you'd like to generate a sample file, click the Generate Sample File button to get a template to use for all uploads/updates.
    • Complete the file with your data and save it as a Excel/CSV file.
  4. Once you've clicked the Upload button, click on Employee Data and select your Excel/CSV employee file for upload.
  5. Choose either to Update or Override your employee data:
    • Update: use when you are updating some but not all employees. Update enables you to add or update employee records already on file. Example: adding a few employees without impacting your full employee list or changing some employees' roles or people leader. The system identifies users by their employee ID.
    • Override: use when there's been significant change such as a lot of employees no longer work at the company and must be deactivated or a lot of attribute values have changed (Departments, Location, etc.).
  6. Hit Start to upload employee data.

Once the employee file has been uploaded, you should receive a pop-up confirmation message.

The Bulk Add/Upload screen where Excel/CSV files are used to add and edit employee data


Bulk Employee ID Update

If you need to update not one or two, but ten or more Employee Ids, a Bulk Employee Id update will be convenient. Please follow the process below:

  1. Click on Upload and then on Bulk Employee Id Update
  2. Click on sample file to download the template which you will need to use to do the update
  3. Fill in each employee's old Employee Id in the CurrentEmployeeId column and their new Id in the NewEmployeeId column.
  4. Save the file then go back to the platform to do a Bulk Employee Id update

If you save the file as a CSV, do not re-open the file after you've saved it. Otherwise it will remove the leading zeros (Ex. 000123 will become 123). This does not occur when saving as an XLS file.

Add current Id's in the CurrentEmployeeId column and the new ones in the NewEmployeeId column.


Setting up an HRIS Connection

WorkTango can support almost any modern HRIS System. This allows for sharing and updating employee files with WorkTango. Please contact your Surveys and Insights Consultant or email for more information.

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