How to Add/Remove or Resend Surveys to Employees after Survey Launch

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It's very simple to add or remove an employee from a survey while it's in progress!

1. First, click on the 'Edit' icon for a survey that is In Progress

2. Under the Recipients section, you can easily add/remove a participant by searching their Name, Email Address, or Employee ID in the search bar under the 'Recipients' list, selecting the employee, and clicking either the 'Resend', 'Add' or 'Remove' button.


3. As a last step, you'll need to click on the 'Update' button to finalize the addition/removal. This will generate a survey summary pop-up. Click on 'Confirm' to confirm the change and send the survey to the correct email address.

‚ÄčThat's it! Added employees will receive the email to fill out the survey and the removed user will no longer be able to respond, or if they have responded already, their responses will be removed from the survey.


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