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Attribute-based questions are questions within a survey that only get sent to a specific group of employees based on an attribute.

An example is if you wanted to send an Engagement survey to your entire organization, but add 3 additional questions that only get asked to employees within the Finance department. This is possible through the platform's attribute based feature.

Configuring attribute based questions is done on a survey question level on the survey "Build" page.

1. Find your survey on the Surveys home page and click "Edit Survey"


2. From there, navigate to the "Build" section and find the question you would like to be attribute based. Click "Edit" on the survey question


3. Scroll to the bottom of the question configurations page and toggle on "Attribute Based." Click on the filter button to select the attribute field and value. When selecting attributes, you are able to select multiple fields and values. Click "Ok" to finalize your selection.

Attributes are based off of your employee file. Therefore, it is important to ensure your employee file is accurate and you are selecting the attributes that correspond to your most up-to-date employee file.

Toggle on "Attribute Based" to make your question attribute based


Use the filter button to identify which employee attributes should receive the question


4. Once you've configured your question, when the survey launches, your attribute based questions will only go to employees who fall within the identified attributes.

Once assigned an attribute value (e.g. “Human Resource”), the attribute cannot be altered or updated to include new attributes in future surveys as this would change the surveying group. A new question will need to be created.

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