Managing Survey Types & Factors

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Within the WorkTango platform, you have the ability to create different survey types and manage the factors within them.

Survey Types

Survey Types are groups of surveys. The major use cases for survey types are:

  1. You want a different set of user permissions based on survey type
  2. You want your data separated out based on survey type
  3. You want a different anonymity threshold for a survey type
  4. You want a completely different set of factors

Common examples of survey types may include, Engagement, Onboarding, Exit, Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion, Ad Hoc Survey, etc.

Configuring Survey Types

To view and edit survey types, go to the Settings page and navigate to the Survey Types & Factors tab. Here you will see a list of all of your survey types.

To add a survey type, scroll to the bottom of your survey types list and select 'Add Survey Type.'

Add survey type.png


Once a survey type is created, you can manage the factors associated with it. Factors are the themes that questions will be associated with, and are important for reporting and trending purposes.

By toggling on 'Key' for a specific factor, it will make this factor show up first under the Analyze tab of reporting. This creates more emphasis around the factors most important to you.

Another column you can see is Suggestions Powered By. In the survey dashboard, low scoring factors often present an opportunity for action. There is an option to view suggested action items that leaders can add to their action plan, or learning coach items to their library. These items are based on the lowest scoring factors. Each item is assigned to a factor in our system. These best practice factors are introduced as a means to tie into action planning and learning coach resources for leaders and change-makers within the organization.

You can add a factor by clicking the 'Add Factor' button at the bottom of the page. You can either select a WorkTango (best practice) factor that is similar to the new factor you’ll create. This will allow suggested actions to appear, from here you can customize the title of the factor OR You can create an entirely new custom factor. This won’t suggest actions based on a WorkTango factor, but it will group questions that are assigned to the new factor. If there are more languages in your settings, you’ll have to add both English and the additional language for the factor title.

Example: Creating new factor "Wellness" but selecting Job Satisfaction so that specific action items are suggested accordingly.

Wellness factor.png

If you have more than one language in your settings, please add the additional languages for the factor title as well. 

Survey Types & Factors in Surveys

When you go to create a new survey on the Surveys page, you will be prompted to select a survey type. Once you do, the factors associated with that survey type will appear in Step 2 of the survey creation process, which is where you add survey questions. If you rename factors throughout the survey creation process, the factors will automatically change in the survey itself.

Employee engagement survey type.png

Survey type cannot be changed once it has been assigned to a survey.

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