Leveraging Different Languages with WorkTango

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WorkTango offers varying language options for platform administrators, for employees as they participate in surveys, and for leaders as they review survey results.


Platform Administrator Experience

Configure survey in French or Spanish

The default WorkTango platform language is English. However, the platform can also be configured in French and Spanish. To enable this feature, log into your WorkTango account and select the Settings tab. This will take you to the Company page where at the bottom of this page, you'll find buttons to enable under Language Settings. In doing so, this will give individuals with platform access the ability to use it in French or Spanish (see below). Note that questions themselves will still be presented in English.

S&I Settings page.png

Create multi-language or non-English surveys

Administrators with survey management permissions can select a variety of languages when building a survey. When logged into the WorkTango platform, select the survey icon, your first option on the left column, followed by the "+" icon in the top right of the page to create a new survey. Select

If you have not built any surveys yet, you will need to first configure a survey type under the gear icon. Click this link to learn more.

Here, you'll see an option to choose a language - or multiple languages -- of your choice.

Survey languages.png

Once the survey configuration has been set up, you will be able to utilize the question library in multiple languages or enter questions, labels, descriptions, etc. of your own.

Question language preview.png

When sending your survey, you will also have the ability to create an invitation message in multiple languages.

Email languages.png

Once a survey has been set to a language, when cloning surveys and questions the languages cannot be changed to add or remove a previously used language.

Employee Survey Experience

Participating in a non-English survey

If, as an administrator, you have created a multilingual survey, your employees will be able to take said survey in a language of their choosing. To automatically designate a preferred survey language, you must include a preferred language attribute in your employee data file. If your survey is offered in English and German, for example, and a subset of your employees have a "preferred language" attribute of German, when accessing the survey link the experience itself will default to German. Otherwise, the default will be English.

If no "preferred language" exists or if you wish for employees to choose a survey language on their own, they will be able to do so by toggling on the language at the start of the survey.

Employee survey language selector.png


Leader Survey Experience

Reviewing survey results in French or Spanish

If a survey is configured in French or Spanish (see first section above), a leader can adjust their platform navigation language. Please note that questions will be presented in English.

To make this change, log into the WorkTango platform. Click on the person icon on the top right of your screen. You will then be directed to your Profile page where you can adjust your language from English to French or Spanish.

Profile language S&I.png


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