Custom Survey Creation, Editing, and Sending

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This is where the fun begins! To create, edit, and send surveys, navigate to the Surveys section from the main menu.

Create a new survey by clicking on the ‘Add New Survey’ dropdown at the top right corner of the Surveys home screen. You have the option to create a custom survey or choose from a template. For more information on using templates, see Using Survey Templates.

Selecting 'Custom survey' will land you on the survey Configure page, where you will start your 3-step survey creation journey!

You can also create a new survey by cloning a previous survey. This is another way to ensure trending for previously asked questions. This will allow trending with previous questions while allowing the flexibility to add new questions or remove questions as needed. Just click Edit Survey on a previous survey and select Clone Survey from the dropdown.

Step 1 – Configure your Survey

Here you can configure main properties of your survey:

  • Survey Name – Give it a unique name so it's easier to find when searching.
  • Survey Type - Select the Survey Type for your survey
    • REMINDER: Selecting a specific survey type will allow you to provide custom permissions to that survey type, as well as compare results to any other surveys within that same survey type
  • Language(s) – Choose one or multiple languages. The default language is English.
    • Once you have selected a language, you cannot change it for the existing survey.
  • Combine All Languages Into One Email - for any surveys designed in multiple languages, you will also have the ability to create invitations in those languages. By toggling this button on, the email invitation will show both languages on the invitation message: first English, followed by the other(s). If this button is not toggled on, the survey invitation will appear in an employee's preferred language as designated on the Employee File.
  • Show Survey Results - this setting allows individual employees to see the current overall results of the survey once they submit their responses. Data shows as a percentage, not in absolute numbers. This feature is intended to offer an incentive to employees to see company results. This is an optional feature you can turn on or off
  • Enable Anonymous Conversations - this offers users the ability for users respond/react to employees' comments and engage in anonymous conversation with them. Only users with Anonymous Conversations permissions will have access to this feature.

STEP 1 of Survey Creation - Configure

Step 2 – Add Survey Questions

Customize your survey questions in several ways:

  • Question Library – Add questions from our existing library of 250+ questions.
  • Previously Asked Questions - Choose from a list of previously asked questions for trending.
    • Since these questions are used for trending, when selected they are not editable.
  • Add Questions – Add your own custom questions by clicking on the "+ Add Question" button and selecting one of the 8 question type options. They include:
    • Icon – icon questions with ratings out of four icons.
    • Rating – ratings using images up to a 10 point scale.
    • Text – questions where answers are text only.
    • Multiple Choice – select between multiple answers (typically used for 3-5 answers).
    • Yes/No – select a yes or no answer.
    • Drop Down – a drop down (typically used for 6+ answers).
    • eNPS - a 0-10 scale specific for eNPS analytics.
    • Custom Messages- create a custom message to appear at any point within your survey.

Use of the Rating Scale or eNPS question types is advised since they provide additional features like the Analyze page, Heatmap reporting, Trending & Compared With, which are not accessible if the question type is Yes/No or multiple choice questions.

STEP 2 of Survey Creation – Add Questions

Manage Survey Questions

The icons to the right of each question allow you to easily make changes, including:

  • Add to Library – you can add your own custom questions to the library for future use.
  • Duplicate – duplicate a question and modify it.
  • Edit – adjust the language and question features as needed.
  • Delete – remove the question… forever! 

To the left of each question, hover over the six-dot icon to drag the question and reorder your survey.

Customize Individual Questions

You are able to customize each question using the various question configuration settings. When editing a question, you will see a real-time preview of the question and your changes on the right side of the question edit page.

  • Add description - turn this on to add a description to your question (ex. definition of a term)
  • Factor - select the factor that best fits with your question. Choosing the right factors is important for reporting purposes
  • Icon Type - select your icon of choice
  • Show Skip Button: toggle this on to show a skip button that employees can click in the survey if the question is not required
  • Allow Comments - allow employees to add more feedback by enabling 'allow comments.'

    If you include a comments box in a non-open text question (rating or multiple choice, for example), the results will not be anonymized.

  • Attribute Based - turning this on allows you to customize what employees see the question depending on a specific attribute (ex. Sales-specific question for sales team)

Export Your Design

Click "Export" to download and review your survey design in an excel file format.

Example of creating a 'Rating' Question

Step 3 – Share a Survey

This is where you select all details around sending out the survey:

  • Recipients – This is where you select the recipients for the survey. You can paste employee Name, Emails, or Employee ID in the search bar, select people using the check boxes under the '"Employee List" or narrow down to select employees through "Filter by Attribute". If you are using the search bar, you can enter multiple employees Id or email by separating them with a comma (Ex. 1234, 2345, 3456,.., etc.).
    • Once you've selected your employees, click "Add" below the employee list.
    • Employees must exist in the Employees section to be sent surveys

  • Email – Customize the email employees will receive to introduce the survey. If your survey is built for multiple languages, you will be able to build in messaging for those languages.

  • Schedule – Choose the timezone, the time of survey deployment, and the time of survey expiry. Once that's complete, you can save the changes you've made, send a test email to yourself, or schedule your survey for deployment.

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