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General Platform Settings

There are a few general platform settings you will want to familiarize yourself with as you get started in the WorkTango platform, including your company’s  platform branding and Rewards fulfillment balance. Regular maintenance of these contribute largely to employee engagement with the platform. 


Branding plays an important role in employee engagement with the WorkTango platform. As a platform admin, you have the ability to update logos, colors, and background images. We highly recommend regularly updating your background and colors as it keeps the platform fresh, exciting, and fun for your employees.

Key actions you may need to take in the Branding tab:

  • Regularly update backgrounds and colors 
  • Update logos if/when any changes to company logos are made


For more information on branding and company links, please see the following resources:

Points & Reward Fulfillment Balance

Within the admin dashboard, you will see a Reward fulfillment balance widget1 that shows the current amount available for Rewards to be redeemed.2 When your balance dips below 50% of the original funded amount, the widget will indicate low balance. As a platform admin, it is your responsibility to verify the balance is refilled and maintains enough funding to fulfill your employee’s Rewards orders.

1 Rewards fulfillment balance widget will only show if your company has elected to use our third-party vendor’s Rewards MarketplaceGlobal Catalog. 

2 Current total shown does not include pending transactions.

Key actions you may need to take regarding Reward fulfillment balance:

  • Regularly check and maintain your fulfillment balance at a level that is sufficient to cover employee redemptions
  • Request an invoice to refill your balance as needed

For more information on WorkTango’s recommendations for rewards budget, please see the WorkTango Optimal Rewards Budget Guide.

Engagement Dashboards

WorkTango Dashboards provide you robust filterable insights and data visualization regarding your employee engagement and activity with the platform. Engagement dashboards include Team Overview, Incentives, Rewards, Recognition, Recognition Activity, and User Activity.

Key actions you may need to take in the Dashboards tab for engagement:

  • Check relevant dashboards on a monthly basis to monitor general engagement (Recognition Dashboard), budget usage (Budget Dashboard), and other key engagement metrics.

For more information on how the data is calculated for WorkTango Dashboards, click on the Dashboard info button in the top right corner of the Dashboard.

For more information on Dashboard data visualizations, please see Dashboards Data Calculations & Visualizations, and for additional information on WorkTango’s other reporting capabilities, please see the Admin Guide to Insights & Reports


The WorkTango platform allows you to schedule and send announcements in-platform that will show in the top right corner of the home page for employees as well as via push alerts in the mobile app.

For more information on creating and managing announcements, see How to Use WorkTango Announcements.

Nominations & Awards

The WorkTango Nominations & Awards feature allows you to set up awards for which your employees can nominate others directly in the platform. Awards are a great way to encourage platform engagement as well as allow employees and managers alike to nominate peers.

Key actions you may need to take regarding Nominations & Awards:

  • Create new awards for employees to nominate others
  • Choose a winner for an award based on nominations
  • Send an ad hoc Special Recognition to announce the winner(s) as the platform does not send an announcement or alert when the winner(s) are selected

For more information on creating and managing Nominations & Awards, see here.

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