WorkTango Point Balances Basics

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WorkTango enables social recognition across all levels so employees, managers, and executives alike can recognize employees with a personal message and rewards points. Within the platform activity feed, anyone can amplify the recognition with ‘high-fives’ and comments, creating awareness and connection across your organization.

When you combine a strong recognition model with points-based rewards system, you introduce a degree of autonomy, flexibility, and customization that’s incredibly effective in engaging your employees. We know that when employees feel their rewards meet their needs - when they find rewards personally meaningful - they’re more motivated and they’re more engaged.

Your employees use their points balances to send recognitions and redeem rewards. You can also create custom point rules if you have users (like managers or executives) who require more points to send.


Points Currency

Points are the virtual currency used in the WorkTango platform. Employees can send points to others and receive points from others. Points are saved up to be spent in the rewards catalog at a conversion rate of 1 point = 1 penny (e.g. 500 points = $5).

There are an infinite amount of points available in the platform. Your company decides the amount of points delegated to users within the platform. While points themselves don't cost anything, when an employee redeems a reward using their points, the dollar amount of the reward is deducted from your fulfillment balance.

Redemption Balance / “Points Earned”

Points employees get when others recognize their great work. Employees can only redeem earned points for Catalog items.

Giving Balance / “Points to Send”

Points your employees can send to others. The number of giving points each employee receives is set by the company. You can expire point balances on a cadence that works for your business. Most companies choose to expire their employees’ giving balance each quarter.

Give Back Points and Buy Points to Send

"Give Back Points" and "Buy Points to Send" allow users to redeem their earned points on points they can give to other users. Users like this reward option for when they are out of points before quarter's end, but have peers they'd like to recognize.

Redeeming for this reward effectively transfers the selected number of points from a user's earned balance to their giving balance.

Give Back Points

Give Back Points will expire at the end of the quarter (just like other points to send).

The main difference between "Give Back Points" and "Buy Points to Send" is the catalog in which they are found and the amount of points that can be redeemed with each transaction.

"Give Back Points" can be enabled in the WorkTango Global Catalog. Users can choose the exact number of points they would like to redeem at a 1:1 ratio.

"Buy Points to Send" can be created through the company Custom Rewards catalog. While this reward has a set number of points per transaction, you have the ability to use your own desired ratio for the point conversion. For example, you can create a reward that costs 500 earned points and gives the user 1000 points to send.


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