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Thriving organizations are built on engaged employees - aligned with your business goals and values. Drive your organization’s priorities, culture and performance forward with Incentives which reward employee actions with points for completing activities that help employees and your business succeed. Incentives turn every goal into an achievable challenge, enticing employees to contribute their best efforts. Reinforce your company culture and boost employee engagement for in-office, remote, and hybrid workers. No matter where your employees are, Incentives help them feel more connected to your company by driving actions, values, and initiatives that are important to your business and culture. 

WorkTango recommendations for a successful Incentives program: 

  • Create Incentives that reward employees for getting ramped up in the platform, such as: 
    • Adding a bio to their profile 
    • Adding a profile picture 
    • Sending their first Recognition 
  • Schedule “kick-off” Incentives that span the first 30 days the WorkTango platform is live for your organization 
    • Leverage the scheduling feature to make the Incentive unavailable once your launch is complete.
  • Keep your Incentives catalog diverse 
    • There is a direct correlation between the number of Incentives offered and engagement with the feature. Aim for 16-20 Incentives at a minimum.

Incentives best practices stats

  • Schedule new Incentives to go live each month
    • This establishes a pattern with employees so they know a new month means new opportunities to earn points. 
  • Ask your employees what matters most to them and use this information to create an Incentives catalog that is both engaging and meaningful to your employees 
    • WorkTango’s Surveys & Insights platform is the perfect vehicle to poll your employees while in-depth reporting makes it easy to pull out themes from comments. 
  • Align Incentives to company initiatives
    • As you promote a particular company initiative, encourage employees to claim an Incentive as a reward for supporting it. 
  • Get specific: Keep in mind your company’s subcultures based on type of work, location, and team interests. Create Incentives for specific locations, departments, or groups such as: 
    • Incentivize your LA employees to visit the beach, incentivize your NYC employees to stroll around Central Park.
    • Incentivize your Sales team to close deals, incentivize your Marketing team to promote content on social media.
    • Incentivize in-person employees to recycle and provide proof by uploading an image.

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