Using Incentives Templates

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WorkTango Incentives templates allow you to easily build an Incentives program, add to your current one, or get inspired to create your own Incentives from scratch.

Begin by navigating to the Admin Dashboard, in the left navigation under the “Recognition & Rewards” section there is an “Incentives” dropdown menu. From this point, there are a few ways you can access the Incentives templates.

  • Navigate to the Incentives Library tab, click the “Create new Incentive” button in the top right of the page, and select "Start with a template " to begin building your new Incentive from a template. 
  • Navigate to a specific catalog details page via the “Catalogs” tab, then click “Create new Incentive” button, and select “Start from template” in the dropdown.
  • Navigate to the Incentives templates directly as seen below.


Incentives Templates tab


Once in the Incentives templates collection, you can search or filter by the following themes:

  • Starter pack
  • Community
  • Company objectives
  • Giving back
  • Learning & development
  • Onboarding
  • Sustainability
  • Wellness

For customers building an Incentives program for the first time, the Starter pack is a great place to begin. 


Incentives Templates options


Click “Display details” to view the template - how the Incentive will appear, what settings have been configured, and how many points it will generate annually based on the current settings.

Select “Activate Incentive” to immediately add the Incentive to your library. Or, select “Modify details” to open a pre-populated “Create new Incentive” form and customize as desired.


Incentive Template form

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