Moderating Incentives Claims

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The “Claim moderation” tab enables you to manage the Incentives claims your employees make. Begin by navigating to the Admin Dashboard, in the left navigation under the “Recognition & Rewards” section there is an “Incentives” dropdown menu. Select “Claim moderation” and follow the steps outlined below to moderate Incentive claims. 

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If you are a catalog owner or catalog moderator, the Admin button in the top right corner of the platform will take you directly to the Incentives tabs. Unless other admin permissions have been assigned, catalog owners will be taken to the Incentives library page while catalog moderators will be taken directly to the Claim moderation page. For step-by-step video instructions, see here

There are two tabs at the top of the “Claim moderation” page: Pending and Closed. 

  • The “Pending” tab displays pending Incentive claims which require your approval. From this page, you can do the following:
    • View the name of the employee making the claim, which Incentive they’re claiming, date, proof they’ve submitted and quickly approve or deny the claim through the button on the right side. 
      • If their claim is approved, employees will receive a bell alert notification. If denied, employees will receive an email.
    • Filter by catalogs or use the search bar near the top of the page to refine your search. 
      • For granular moderation, each Incentive claim is broken out individually on this page. 
      • To manage your Incentive claims in bulk select multiple individual claims or, all of them on the page at once through the checkbox next to the “Incentive name” header. Then, approve or deny all selected claims through the button at the top of the page. Increase the number of results per page at the bottom to manage up to 100 Incentives at a time. 

Claim moderation.png

  • The “Closed” tab displays your organization’s past Incentives claims. This includes every manual and automated claim, both approved and denied. From this page you can view Incentive claims by employee, claim status, date and details such as proof and type of moderation (automatic or manual). 

For a detailed breakdown of all Incentives claims made at your organization, check out the new Incentives claims report by navigating to the Admin Dashboard > Reports and select the “Incentives claims” report. This report is available to Admins and those with the Analyst role. 

Now, you can easily moderate all the Incentive claims at your organization swiftly and efficiently. To streamline the management of a robust Incentives program and ease the workload on admins, we've introduced catalogs and designated catalog owners. Catalog owners aid in the categorization, administration and moderation of Incentives. View more information regarding Catalog owners and moderators here

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