Managing Incentives Catalogs

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Incentives catalogs are used a few different ways in the WorkTango platform. They can be used to: 

  • Specify who in your organization has access to claim the Incentive 
  • Organize or group your Incentives together, such as “Professional Development” or “Culture”
  • Delegate Incentive administrative tasks to other company leaders 

Catalog owners are other company leaders (outside of the admin) who have been assigned to manage a specific catalog of Incentives. 

For example: You have the option to establish a "Sales" catalog and designate the Sales leader as its owner. This empowers the Sales leader to independently oversee their team's catalog, create or modify Incentives that are visible to the Sales team, and supervise the approval of claims by promptly receiving notifications for new moderation tasks.

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The Catalogs tab is where you can view and manage the Incentive catalogs for your organization. Begin by navigating to the Admin Dashboard, in the left navigation under the “Recognition & Rewards” section there is an “Incentives” dropdown menu. Select “Incentives library” and follow the steps outlined below to manage catalogs. 


Create Incentives catalog form
  • Start by clicking “Create new catalog” in the top right on the page. 
  • Name your catalog and identify any catalog owners (up to a maximum of 10). 
    • The designated catalog owner will receive an email notifying them they‘ve been assigned a catalog, what that means and a button they can click to visit their catalog. 
  • After catalog ownership has been established, you can edit who has access to the catalog. If no change is needed, you can begin moving Incentives into the catalog (or save it for later) and click “Create catalog’
  • To limit access, click “Edit catalog access” to select which employees will be able to view and claim Incentives within that specific catalog. 
    • There are a few options; By individual users, by groups or via an import file. Make your selections, and hit “Save access settings” at the bottom to save your settings. 
  • Now that you’ve set-up your catalog, you can move Incentives into it or do so at a more convenient time. Once satisfied with your selections, click “Create catalog”. 

Catalogs are the easiest way to control employee access to Incentives. WorkTango's flexible platform also supports limiting access to the entire Incentives feature. Segmentation is available in the admin dashboard and can be as simple as “Sales Department” or as complex as “Chicago Engineers and Seattle Sales”. Keep in mind that by limiting access to the entire feature, claimed Incentives will not be shown in the Activity Feed to those employees, limiting opportunities to amplify and recognize the efforts of colleagues. 

To limit Incentives access:

  • Navigate to the Admin Dashboard.
  • Under the “Company” header select “User Management” > “Module Permissions”. 
  • Find the Incentives widget on the page and select “Manage permissions”.  
  • From this page you can limit the entire Incentives feature to select users in your employee population 
    • Make your selections on an individual user level, via an import file or through a mix of departments, locations and groups. 
    • This can be as simple as “Sales Department” or “Austin Location”, or as complex as “both New York Operations and Seattle Sales”.


Module Access - Incentives


Once you’re happy with your selection, hit “Save participants” at the bottom and your changes will be reflected in the platform shortly thereafter 

*These steps are optional and are not required for catalog creation.

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